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It all starts with organic weed, and from there, our product list is seemingly limitless. From medical-grade oil and CBD to high potency edibles, Greenex Farms guarantees to have what you are looking for. All of our marijuana products are derived from high-grade weed for both medical and recreational purposes. Xpresspost Shipping For Clients All Over Canada!

While we are a small operation, we do go through the trouble to have all of our edibles, oils, creams, and tinctures lab tested so they can be properly certified as medical grade. From energizing Sativa strains and products to relaxing and more cerebral indicas, to a variety of hybrids as well Greenex guarantees to have the right product for your specific desires. Shop around online or pay us a visit, and allow our compassionate experts to help you find the perfect strain and product to meet your needs.

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Buy Weed and Medicinal Cannabis Online

With the legalization of cannabis across Canada, purchasing marijuana products has never been easier, now you can buy weed online. The cannabis industry is a buyer’s market, meaning those interested have a virtually limitless selection of products and retailers to choose from. As a consumer, you no longer have to settle for what is available but instead you can choose the best, most affordable products on the market – and that’s where Greenex Farms comes in!

As a small, family-owned, and locally sourced operation, Greenex Farms strives to provide the highest quality and most affordable weed and cannabis products on the market. From organic weed to medical-grade oil and CBD, Greenex Farms has you covered.

What sets Greenex Farms apart from the rest?

As a small family-owned operation, we pride ourselves on being one of the only small-batch commercial cannabis producers in the area. Our ethically grown plants lend themselves to a wide variety of other products – the selection of which is impressive in its own right. Greenex’s farmers raise the best organic cannabis around and, as we handle processing and distribution, we are able to offer all of our products to consumers at an affordable price point. All you have to do is to order and buy weed online.

Why should you buy your cannabis from Greenex Farms?

It all starts with the flower, and the entire Greenex dispensary is comprised of high-grade, chemical fertilizer-free, organic cannabis. From the flowers themselves to the products that their THC goes into, you can expect nothing but the best. Our inventory guarantees to have something for everybody, and online shopping for cannabis has never been easier or more affordable. We offer free, discreet delivery for all orders exceeding $150, provide order tracking at checkout, and utilize Xpresspost Shipping by Canada Post to ensure you get your product in a timely matter.

As a cannabis consumer, you have a seemingly infinite amount of options when it comes to Canadian dispensaries, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. Give the organic weed and associated products from Greenex Farms a try, and you will soon be wondering how you ever bought cannabis from anywhere else.

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