Welcome to Greenex Farms: Refer a Friend program

Send your friend $25 Coupon and get a $25 Coupon aswell

We’re pleased to announce that our Refer a friend program is up and running. You can shop your favourite cannabis products from flowers to edibles get even better for the buck!

How does it work?

Share a link or the coupon code in your dashboard to your friend in order for him to get $25 discount on his first order.

For each friend you invite, we will send you a coupon code worth $25 that you can use to purchase or get a discount on any product on our site. Get started now, by sharing your referral link with your friends.Very simple. We award points anytime you purchase our products.

How do I check my referrals?

Go under “refer a friend” in your dashboard and check the coupons you earned. An email will also be sent with the code once your friend finish his order.


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