If you are looking for the best organic weed in Canada you are in a good spot, all our strains are AAAA Grade. We carry Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Cannabis strains in our store, allowing everyone to choose between their favorite type of weed. If you prefer a healthier way to consume Cannabis you should look at our Medical grade Oils & edibles.

Our Organic flowers are following a growing process that leads to a cleaner product, free of chemical fertilizers and unnatural pesticides, allowing Nature to do what she does best. You may already care about the way your food is grown, washed, and stored. If you care what goes into your body, then you should also care about how your cannabis is grown and dried.

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Growing quality and potent organic cannabis is more complex than traditional growing methods. When it comes to organic growing you need to manage the different biological systems closer. Everything starts with the soil, which is an ecosystem of enzymes and living organisms working together, it builds healthy and strong plants. Then, we enhance this through natural sunlight, a sustainable water supply, and natural air filtration for the plants to breathe.

Organic Cannabis has multiple benefits, that can be used for both recreational and medical purposes such as pain relief, stress, insomnia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and many more.


Indica, Hybrid & Sativa Organic Weed

Indica is a short bush with broad leaves, Indica plants have a short flowering cycle & are suitable for both temperate and cold climates. Indica strains are known for great relaxation AKA the “body-high”, people use these strains in the nighttime as well to help with sleep. They are ideal as mental and muscle relaxants, and for treating chronic pain, appetite loss, and clinical depression.

Sativa, tall stature and narrow leaves, Sativa strains are usually found in warmer climates, the plant is native from Asia. This strain usually offers more THC than CBD. The main effect you will get from Sativa strain is Euphoria which makes it better for daytime use, as it is less heavy on your body. The effects are known to be “mind-high”. This strain is particularly helpful for Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Disorder, and Anxiety.

Finally, the Hybrid strains, are typically grown on farms or greenhouses from a combination of Sativa and Indica strains. They offer the best of both worlds. Great combination of medical and recreational benefits. The majority of cannabis you see out on the Canadian cannabis market are hybrids of some sort. Some being well-balanced hybrid strains and some heavily leaning to either the Indica or Sativa side.

The effect of each type of weed can be different from a person to another that is why we suggest you take your time and analyze the effect of each type on your body and your mind. Some people even write down the effect on a notebook to avoid any oversight.