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Winnipeg Manitoba gets high-quality weed from the Greenex Farms online dispensary, delivered right to your door. It’s easy, convenient, and discreet. Whether you need cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you always have easy access to premium-quality mail order marijuana.

Whether you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, you can still get the best weed delivery in Manitoba and all over Canada when you choose Greenex Farms for your reliable source. We carry Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains, and you can select your potency—from AA to AAAA. You can also opt for strains that provide either more CBD or more THC.

Where better to try our weed shipping than in the historic city of Winnipeg, the gateway to the Canadian West. Winnipeg is no stranger to cannabis, being home to several dispensaries and cannabis producers. But living in Manitoba is not for the faint of heart. It has warm summers and biting cold winters. But it Is also one of the most interesting and cultural cities in the country. Winnipeg is a city with many diverse neighbourhoods and businesses, a great place to enjoy a good high.

Cannabis laws in Manitoba are particular, and they all add up to one simple truth–ordering online and getting delivery to your private residence is the way to go. Keeping it, discreet is always a good idea. You need to know the law now the rules or be prepared for the consequences. Ordering from Greenex Farms is the best way to assure your safety and receive consistently high-quality. It is also the best way to keep things private and discreet. Getting weed shipped to your door is a great idea.

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Get everything you need from Greenex Farms. We provide a perfect combination of quality, affordability, convenience, and discretion. Our edibles and concentrates are especially convenient and discreet. They are great while on the go and staying under the radar.


As a leading online dispensary, quality is our priority. Our premium quality organic cannabis is produced organically by our experienced growers in BC.


From our products in general, like edibles, concentrates, vaping systems, CBD capsules, CBD and THC tinctures, and a complete stock of accessories, to our organically grown strains, the online dispensary choices are extensive.

Weed Shipping

Our shipping is fast, safe, and discreet. Your personal information, identifying markings of the shipment, or contents of the package, is always kept completely confidential. You are contacted when the package is delivered, and the delivery person is not allowed to enter your premises. At that time, you may choose to have the package left at your door; this prevents Greenex Farms from being responsible for the package if it is then lost or stolen. We’ll give you free shipping for all orders over $150 and only $20 for any lesser amounts.

Good Medicine.

Our medical marijuana is all lab-tested. We are proud of the quality. Whether you need help with anxiety, chronic pain, seizures, or depression, our medical cannabis is good medicine.

Easy Purchase

Payment is easy. You can use either your credit card or E-transfer.

Greenex Also Provides the Highest Quality Experience

  • For every dollar you spend, you get points toward your purchase
  • If you sign up a friend, and it results in a purchase, you get a gram
  • Lab testing ensures that our medical products, like edibles, tinctures, CBDs, creams, and oils, are certified to be medical grade
  • All of our wide selection of strains is organic, lab tested and AAAA quality
  • We make it as easy as possible, starting with not having to upload your I.D.
  • If you choose to order in bundles, you get even more from your purchase

Greenex Ships Weed in Winnipeg: Order Weed Online!

The easiest and most affordable way to buy high-quality cannabis in Winnipeg and have it delivered discreetly to your door is from the GreenEx online dispensary. We are proud to deliver the purest cannabis anywhere in Winnipeg and all over Canada.

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