Best Cities to Get Stoned in Canada

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Where to Get High In Canada?

There’s no doubt that Canada is becoming more friendly toward cannabis, and more welcoming to those who smoke and get high. Not only does Canada provides people with the freedom to buy weed online but in many cities in Canada you can enjoy weed outside without being judged or penalized. No need to hide indoors anymore! However, along with this receptivity comes some responsibility.

In October 2018, the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis in Canada was legalized. At that point, there was a sharp increase in demand for cannabis products. Many investors wanted in on the ground floor. Initially, government regulations made these unchartered waters difficult to navigate. Now several cities around Canada celebrate cannabis culture and welcome your right to consume in the great outdoors.

The Smell of Freedom

In the context of prohibition, the smell of marijuana was a key tool of criminal law enforcement. Now that it is legal, you smell it in many places you go. In many cities, it is widely available and even welcome.

Here are the Most Popular Cities to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in Canada. As Canada’s cannabis heartland, it has been key to the growing cannabis industry. As one of the cities that leads the way, Vancouver allows marijuana smoking just about anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed. Of the 300 dispensaries in British Columbia, 10% are located within the Vancouver city limits. You can greatly enhance your appreciation of Vancouver’s natural beauty with cannabinoids.

At Greenex Farms, our products are made from high-quality, locally-sourced cannabis farms in BC. if you living in Vancouver, we offer same-day weed delivery! So, if you find yourself in Vancouver and feel left out, take advantage of our delivery system to fit right in!

Calgary, Alberta

Among the many people living in Calgary, there are many cannabis lovers. Calgary has contributed a great deal to the growing national legal sales, and there are an increasing number of dispensaries in Calgary offering high-quality legal cannabis.

Calgary also hosts a cannabis event. The HempFest Cannabis Expo features the HempFest Cup. This competition allows growers to come together and share with the community. Anyone can enter their bud and get constructive feedback. This event serves to provide insight into better future strain propagation.

Toronto, Ontario

The local government has relaxed their stand on cannabis use. You can buy weed in Toronto almost where and enjoy this beautiful city! cannabis progressive cannabis culture allows cannabis to be smoked anywhere that smoking cigarettes are allowed, without legal consequences.Many of those spots are beautiful, like Cherry Beach, or Trinity Bellwoods Park. If you’d prefer to be around other people, Don Valley or Toronto Islands are good choices.

You can also enjoy the highlights of the city and smoke recreational cannabis in one of Canada’s legal consumption lounges. Hotbox Café is located in the Kensington Market, a great place to visit for cannabis lovers. This is one provincial government that values its cannabis-consuming citizens.

Montreal, Quebec

As the second-largest city in Canada and home to nearly 2 million people, there are plenty among them that value great cannabis. Quebec, as a province, is not as cannabis-friendly as other provinces and still prohibits outdoor smoking and smoking in indoor public places, but the city of Montreal is very open to cannabis use.

In Quebec, you can only purchase cannabis from the government-run Société Québécoise du Cannabis. Only three locations exist in the city of Montreal, but they do provide access to high-quality cannabis. We feel that Quebec will follow the example of Montreal. The easiest way to buy your high-quality cannabis in Quebec is online with Greenex Farms.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A large portion of the population in Halifax are university students. This translates into roughly 23% of the Halifax population using cannabis. The town has enforced limits on smoking in public places. However, in this beautiful and healthy place, many prefer consuming cannabis in other forms, like edibles.

Want to Enjoy Your Freedom?

Buy your cannabis from Greenex Farms and enjoy the weed-friendly places in Canada. Visit the most beautiful cities in Canada, get high and embrace Canadian cannabis culture. Just remember to do so responsibly.