Diamonds Concentrate *High Quality Extraction



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Diamonds can also refer to pure crystalline THCA that have been isolated from refined oil. THC-A diamonds are characterized by their crystalline appearance. Once THC is reduced to its purest state, crystallization occurs, creating a substance like no other concentrate on the market.  THC-A diamonds are truly the purest and most potent form of THC. Crystalline THC can only activate by a process called decarboxylation, a fancy way of saying “adding heat to it”.  THC-A crystalline has a incredible potency and is recommended for the experienced user. TCH-A is tasteless due to the terpenes be removed in the process. These are later added back into the mix faintly called “sauce”. Together the Diamonds and Sauce are often sold calling it “Caviar”

AAAA Death Bubba Diamonds extracted from 100% flower. 

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THC-A Diamonds Concentration

Extracted from Death Bubba plant

99% THC-A

100% Clean and free of any solvents, Non-GMO, Organic

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750mg, 1,500mg


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