Cannabis Vapes & How to Use Them

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What are Cannabis Vapes?

Vaping is different from smoking cannabis in bongs and pipes in which you inhale smoke instead of vapour. Like a cannabis smoking experience, inhaling cannabis vapour produces an effect quickly and can last anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. The vapour is produced by the vape pen power source that heats a cartridge of flower or concentrates that you then inhale.

Vaporization devices heat just below the point of combustion. You can vape weed more than once instead of burning it up. A vaporizer frequently has temperature controls that adjust to whatever temperature is suitable to produce vapor from the cannabinoid or terpene of your choice.

Vaping is arguably a lot less harmful to your health. So, if you are not into inhaling smoke, vaping is for you. Vaping allows you to taste more of the subtle nuances of the flavour as well. Caution is still required for selecting a quality vape pen. Lung injuries have occurred while using illicit vaporizers.

The Two Types of Cannabis Vapes

Tabletop Vaporizers: These vaporizers are stationary and need a solid surface to sit on. There are several varieties, but they all have these 4 things in common.

  1. A mouthpiece
  2. A heating chamber or vape cartridge
  3. A heating element
  4. A dial to modify the temperature

The advantage of a tabletop vaporizer is that it affords a more precise temperature control. You also have the flexibility to use any flower or concentrate that you want, and it is reusable–not disposable. Tabletop vaporizers however aren’t as handy as portable vaporizers in that they aren’t as you guessed it… portable. Tabletops are more of a commitment, both financially and in operation and maintenance.

Portable Vaporizers: These vaporizers do function in much the same way as tabletop vaporizers, in that they include basically the same features, a mouthpiece, a heating chamber (or vape cartridge), a heating element, and either a button or dial to adjust the temperature (although the temperature isn’t as precise as the tabletop version). In general, portables are designed for more compact convenience.

Before you buy portable cannabis vapes, be aware that there are different types with different capabilities. Look for one that accepts the type or form of cannabis you want to consume. There are “dry herb vaporizers,” “wax vaporizers,” and “hybrids.” Dry herb and wax vaporizers accept specific forms of cannabis, hybrids accept both flowers and concentrate forms.

Features that set portable vaporizers apart:

  • Operation and maintenance are easier
  • Vaping is discreet. Cannabis vapor has a less potent aroma and doesn’t linger in the air as long as smoke
  • Flexibility: Whichever concentrate or flower you want.

Vape Pens: Vape pens (also referred to as vape battery pens) are portable vaporizers that specialize in vaporizing cannabis distillates and oils. The characteristic pen shape is compact and discreet. Vape pens aren’t quite as reusable; in that, you must throw away the oil cartridge once all the oil is vaporized.

How to Use Vape Pens for THC and CBD

Vaping THC:

Refillable cannabis oil cartridges are the most common use for vape pens today. Remove the rubber seal on your cartridge and connect to the battery, making sure the pen is charged and turned on. To avoid burning your mouth, only turn on the button once you’ve started to inhale.

If you want to vape wax, use a vape pen designed for it. These vape pens will have ceramic or quartz “quicks” for the higher temperature. You may press the button before inhaling to preheat the dab or wax.

For flower vaping it is best to use a dedicated portable weed vaporizer.

Vaping CBD:

Similar to THC weed oil cartridges, you simply remove the seal and screw the cartridge into your device. Always start with a small puff first so you can gauge the effect.

Where to Buy Cannabis Vapes in Canada?

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