Get High in Vancouver – What to Do?

rolling a joint in vancouver

Vancouver is a city where cannabis is widely accepted. In fact, cannabis culture isn’t just accepted, it’s thriving. British Columbia has always led the way for the rest of Canada. Early-on people in British Columbia, particularly Vancouver, were including cannabis as a part of their lifestyle. British Columbia has always been blessed with ideal growing conditions, so it was always destined for this amazing crop.

The use of cannabis goes way back before Canada became a country. Cannabis remained under the radar until the 1920s when it was declared illegal under the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill. In the 1960s the crackdown began in earnest. Despite this, Vancouver’s cannabis culture thrived. In the 1970s and 1980s buying a bag of weed in Vancouver wasn’t difficult, but it was still illegal, and the police would bust grow operations.

Although the Canadian government wanted to legalize cannabis back in the 1960s, nothing ended up happening until 2001 when medical marijuana was legalized.

Since legalization, 47% of Canadian cannabis users purchase their weed from a legal source, like a licensed vendor. Also, pre-legalization saw a 14% use by those 15 years and older, after legalization that number has only grown by one percent, to 15%.

Survival of the Fittest: Cannabis dispensaries?

Many small dispensaries suffered from the legalization of weed and government control. Because of increased fees required to sell it, increased quality standards, and regulations to adhere to, cannabis has become a legitimate enterprise. One particular benefit to the consumer is the variety of products now available. Instead of whatever the dealer had to sell at the time, a cannabis dispensary in Vancouver now has a wide variety of strains to choose from.

As far as the impact of legalization on cannabis users in Vancouver, they now need not concern themselves with fines or imprisonment providing they adhere to the rules. As long as you’re 19, purchase from a licensed retailer, possess no more than 30 grams in public, limit the number of plants you grow and keep them out of public view, never operate a motor vehicle while high, and only smoke in designated areas, you can enjoy your cannabis.

4/20: Almost a statutory holiday in Vancouver

Vancouver has created quite a cannabis controversy. Events like 420 Vancouver used to attract major headlines. Now superior strains and major events have popped up elsewhere internationally, spreading the culture and the attention.

6 Cannabis Adventures in Vancouver

Here are 6 adventure ideas to get you started enjoying the wonders of Vancouver.

  1. The Vancouver Art Gallery: This gallery is definitely a trip. Whether you’re creating the art or viewing it, this is an ideal place to let your imagination soar.
  2. Explore Vancouver History: This 140-year-old city has some hidden history that you can find. Forbidden Vancouver is a creative journey back in time, especially if you’re stoned.
  3. Arcade Recreation: Let’s face it, video games are fun, and this becomes even more wondrous when you are high. The Rec Room at the new Amazing Brentwood includes over 90 arcades and classic table games like ping pong, and billiards.
  4. Science World: Science World may be meant for young people, but we think you’ll find the wonder of a child as you trip through these exhibits.
  5. Havana Vancouver: A long-time fixture in the community, the Havana tucks a stage behind a restaurant, making this the perfect spot for munchies and laughs.
  6. Yat-Sen Gardens: Find your zen at the Yat-Sen gardens. Depending on your strain, you might find deep peace sitting by the water in this beautifully designed garden.

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